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During the Civil War there as a young Union Private that received a letter from his mother. His father & brother had both been killed in the war. His mother was pleading with him to come home and help with spring planting. With the loss of his father & brother, it only left his mother & sister to do the spring planting on their small farm. This grieved the young soldier went to ask if could go home to help with the planting. He was given a furlough so he could go and plead his case.

The young soldier went to Washington D. C. Straight away he went to the White House. walked up to the front gate and told his story to the guard. The guard said “You can’t see the President , he is too busy to talk to you. Go back & fight them Reb’s & leave the President alone.”

The young soldier went & sat down on a near by park bench very sad. A young boy came by & ask “Why are you so sad.” The soldier began to tell the small boy of how his father & brother had been killed in the war & he needed to go home to help his mother & sister.

The small boy said “Come with me.” as he put out his hand to the soldier. They started walking right back to the White House. They walked around to the back & right thru the door. They went down halls past all the guards. Generals & high ranking members of government. They walked right up to the Presidents office. The young boy didn’t even knock on the door, he just opened it & walked in. The Soldier could not believe it, sitting right there in front of him was President Lincoln himself going over maps & battle plans with Sectary of State.

The President looked up smiling and said “Todd what do you need?” The young man said ”Papa this soldier wants to talk to you” Right then & there the soldier had his chance to plead his case to none other than the President himself. He began to tell about his hardship & the President exempted him from the Military Service so the young soldier could go home & help his family.

You know this story reminds me of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thru him I have access to the Father anytime I need to plead my case. Jesus just goes right up to GOD & says Father “ This young man needs to talk to you.”

I get to go straight to the top to plead my case thru Jesus Christ.

John 14 : 6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No Man cometh unto the Father but by me.

Author : Mark Self

Greenville Texas